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Hey T'Mater,

Haven't been around much lately, but as soon as I was catching up on your thread you answered your question yourself!

Originally Posted by T'Mater View Post

I did find out why my PH just went up so quick, i didn't give it time to flush through the system and flush out the high PH water in the Bato bucket's(they have a decent amount of storage at the bottom of them)
I will usually slam my P.H. down to low 5's, let it run a day (knowing my P.H. was mid 6's), and by the time they turn over the bato res. my P.H. will be close to spot on (5.8's) I always let my P.H. travel a little bit from mid 5's to mid 6's, depending on the system of course.

Not sure why you where testing your P.H. by pulling up a plant, not sure that was needed, unless you where trouble shooting. The Bato res. I would think at least, would have a much greater P.H. swing than the main res.

I know you mentioned the maters are not huge, but how is your harvest?

Let me know!

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