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Yeah a tomato plant is something I think to be worth keeping over the winter. I am thinking that I will be rooting all of the suckers that come off so any set backs are covered by a replacement in another location :P Even if I don't want the cutting I know people that would :P

Once my tomato plants get going I don't plan on being without them lol. I know I will never be able to grow enough once my kids taste a real tomato. I have all I can do to keep them from eating the small lettuce plants I have right now. I let them taste some lower cuttings I did, and they both got the wide eyed look and were saying it was the best lettuce they have ever tasted lol. My 5 and 6 yo love their salads :P

I have to get my onions and bell pepers going soon as well. I can't wait till I have room for cucumbers.. I have a lot of things to get done :P
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