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Default ...Keeps going on strong...

Hey all,

Just finish a big trim, and lowering of the plants. Excuse the mess, I just took a couple quick snaps with the insta-matic while I was working.

The garden is still producing great tomatoes. The biggest challenge is keeping the vines organized. Last year was a disaster, this year is better. One of these seasons I will get it figured out. The plants range from around 7 feet to 10-11 feet right now. Last year I started to run into trouble at 12+ feet, but I think that was more due to powdery mildew than length. I also got a 2 month jump on this seasons grow.

I've pulled 2 plants out, and broke one of the "Carbon" plants at about 4 feet from the bato, believe it or not it shot out a new shoot and looks to be recovering. I've allowed new sites/plants to sprout up at the bottom of some stems 12" or less from the base. Most are within a few inches. I've also cloned a dozen or so "new" plants and have planted them at the base of the adults. Once these "new" plants get started I will slowly cut back the full grown plant to allow the babies to take over.

Christmas or bust!!! That's the goal, last year I only made it to December 5th. We will see...

See some new growth here ... bottom photo

I am still getting hit by birds and rodents...I am winning but have prob. lost 50 or so this season...pisses me off, but have yet to be without...I've started pulling them a few days early to maximize my harvest.
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