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Thumbs down Struggling with my bell peppers

Hey, I'm new to this forum so thanks for having me.

I'm having some trouble getting my bell peppers started in my DWC system and wondered if any of you could offer some advice. I've never grown peppers before but as I understand it, they're supposed to be great for DWC systems. I had great success with tomatoes last year and have branched out this year with cucumbers and with any luck peppers as well.

The problem I'm having is that the pepper plants are just not taking as I would have expected. To save myself the time, I've bought some established seedlings (about 4 inches high), washed off all the soil and transplanted them into the system. Whilst they are not dying straight away, they are not exactly growing either. Roots are not taking - they're just existing.

I've done everything by the book. nutrients are right, ph is right, water levels are right, no soil is left in the roots, light is right (outdoors), oxygen is right. Is there anything I've missed?


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