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Default Good news, bad news, good news

The good news is the hurricane blew threw and ruffled up the plants pretty good but they all survived the blow. Some tomatoes fell off but still have plenty of them still on the plant.

The bad news the power also went out very early Sunday. When I came out later in the day I see all the plants are now bending over because they are starving for a drink. I rigged up my garden hose to the last highest plant (watermelon) and put on the hose at very low steady pressure. Every 4 hours I would pour in 3 gallons of the nutrient water from the reservoir and plug up the end and would let it sit in there for an hour, then unplug and drain, again put on the garden hose. The watermelon plant comes back to life and looks good but the tops of almost all of the tomato plants are dead. I will have to clip the tops off soon.

Good news the power came back on today. Dumped everything left in the reservoir filled it with water and nutrients and got it up and running again. Will wait till tomorrow to see how the plants react.

Lesson learned for next year I will have a gas generator to work the air/water pump and other appliances in and outside of the house if the electric ever goes out again.
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