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First off I need to say I feel this thread/post is borderline spam, although I don't think it's intentional. I am not wanting to discourage anyone from trying to accomplish what was stated, and I understand the need/want for the input. But the questions are to general in nature, and too localized for a specific location.

For instance you can carry any products you want, that is not anyone elses decision but yours. On a business level, what to carry is determined best by what sells, and what is profitable for the shop owner to carry. Simply talking to your customers is how you find that out (P.S. start small and then expand from there). Now a couple of better questions would be something like, does anyone have any experience with led grow lights, and if so how do they work for you, and are they worth the money? Or another one would be, What nutrients do you use/prefer for your plants, and do they work well for you.

Bottom line, if you want a response you should ask specific questions form the entire public. This forum is not anyone's personal customer service department, or forum. So asking "please leave feedback on what you want in my store" is simply inappropriate (and could be considered spam). Also, asking if such a store would be useful in that location is kind of pointless, this being the internet 99% (if not 100%) of the users are not going to be in that location. I personally would not have any need for such a store there because I live 3000 miles away. Even if I order online, I would find a place closer to order from (if possible) to keep shipping cost down.

P.S. If you are truly interested in starting a business, and looking for input, as well as ideas, you can send me a private message. I think I would be able to help give some ideas on that.
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