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Hydroton/Buildex grow rocks

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Old 02-10-2009, 03:39 AM
TOMMY TOMMY is offline
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Default Hydroton/Buildex grow rocks


Heres a follow-up. The salesman for this company called me from NC and told me that they ship it on rail to the local concrete company <lightweight block division> here in Augusta. So I was able to go there and drive off with a dually pickup load for 30 bucks. Never having seen grow rocks and going by online pics, they look rust/orange in color? The product I have is blue/gray in all shades from light to dark. There are some pieces that are orange/rust but that seems like a glazing that's on some of the rocks. It has as many holes it as sponge. Its a kiln fired shale...some pieces are rounded like grow rocks in pictures but most are in gravel shapes <not pea-like but like septic tank fill aggregate>.The sizes range from 1 inch to fine pieces in the shake. They weigh half what gravel does at least. I have not tested the pH, but it being a fired rock, I am sure its neutral. My question at this point is, what size should I screen it to <how large are grow rocks> and are grow rocks nice and round? None of these have sharp edges, but I could put em through a tumbler if it were necessary. Also if you dont mind, I will send a few of these rocks to you and have you check them out. They probably have these at a concrete company near everybody... Tommy

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Old 02-10-2009, 03:40 AM
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Hi Tommy I too called them and I got a sample coming any time now. Mine is coming from Tampa. The salesman wanted to sell me the bird shot size and I said to small. I said 3/8" to 3/4" and he said OK. I have to buy 40 yds of the stuff. I bet I could sell it cheap if I buy that much.
So that would be my size recommendation. I use this old coal bucket with 3/8" holes drilled in it so any rocks smaller than 3/8" will fall through. You can use the large stuff with large plants like my banana tree. Make sure you flush all the very small pieces and the dust before use.

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