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Sunlight Shed Cool Cab For Sale

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Old 10-05-2009, 07:51 AM
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Default Sunlight Shed Cool Cab For Sale

The “Cool Cab”, Our Most Popular System
Simplicity at your fingertips... Unit Below TWO Super High Powered 90w led

The Cool Cab is by far our best selling Plug-N-Play model. This flag ship unit has a built in 72 plant cloning system in the upper portion allowing for easier access to clones and mother plants. This unit has the same great features all of our Sunlight Sheds boast including cool running temperatures, safety features, and of course is user friendly. With built in door locks, and infrared proof Mylar interior, this is one secure system!
Cool Cab Dimensions: 72" tall x 36" wide x 18" deep
20 cu. ft. capacity
Light-proof custom Mylar interior doesn't act as an eye-sore
Our custom made interiors have a 99% reflective surface for maximum light absorption by the plants.
Includes ventilation system (500+ CFM of air cooling)
11 plant capacity
Grows 12-18lbs. of dried plant matter per year in the Cool Cab
Item Name: The Cool Cab: Complete Turn-Key system including all of the items listed above and more!
Fully Integrated Cooling System
Our exclusive cooling system keeps your Cool Cab internal temps 5F above room temp! Over 400 CFM of cooling and air exchange allows for proper CO2 exchange for your plants. Quiet operation ensures a stealthier Cool Cab We are the only manufacturer with an air cooled glass reflector that stays cool to the touch, to ensure your plants do not burnan14
14 PLANT HYDROFLORA SYSTEM 23 1/2"L x 16 1/4"W x 12 1/4"H

The ULTRASONIC FOGGER turns your water and your nutrients in 15-20 micron water droplets that are rapidly absorbed through the roots.Air pump with check valve, airstone, and tubing
Hydrokorrels (the red clay rocks) for each netpot
20 Organic Starter Plugs for each seedling (pre-soaked with germination aides)
66qt. reservoir which fits perfectly into your Cool Cab
185 gallon per hour mag driven water pump (heavy duty)
High output ultrasonic fogger with float/ac adapter for lightning fast root growth (replacement disks available)
Automatic fill valve with included 1 gallon reservoir, attaches to the rear of the Cool Cab, for complete self automation! Also includes: Cloning Chamber, Carbon Air Filter, Wireless Temp Humidity Gauge,TDS Meter,Moon dust all in one plant nutrient& additive,PH up and PH down kit, Thermal safety switch, Two Light Mover Pulleys, Smoke detecter,Heavey duty timer, Super high output Ozone Generator, Door Padlock, and instructional video. Unit is only one month old. I have all documentation. I am moving to Florida and I don’t want to lug it down south. The unit is under all warranties. I bought it from SUNLIGHT SHEDS. You can go to Hydroponics : Hydroponic Equipment to get further info and view there online demo…I paid $2300.00 with taxes and shipping, and I am selling the complete unit for $1800.00 (OBO). HURRY WONT LAST First come first serve . Contact John at 718-216-4743

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