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Design, setup and production from a Commercial Hydroponic Farm

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Old 11-03-2010, 06:18 PM
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I am not positive if they called it "InterLibrary Loan Service" but I think it was. Basically I asked at the desk if they had the book, they didn't. But she said if I filled in a form they could get from another library in there system if they had it (and it can take up to 2 weeks just to locate it). So I then went over to the collage library and asked them. Of coarse they didn't have a copy either, but I talked to the lady in charge of getting books from other library's, I gave here the information on the book (title and author). I found out the county library already tried getting it from the collage library, so I'm guessing they use the same system for getting books from other library's.

Then I got a call about 2 weeks later saying that they could only find one copy, and it was across the country. I don't remember the exact conversation but if I remember correctly the reasoning was because in order to insure its return there was a deposit required, and/or it would likely cost more to ship than the book was worth. The deposit witch If I remember correctly is the replacement cost of the book (in case I didn't to return it). If I could afford that I could buy the book, witch is what I want to do anyway so I would have time to read it (considering my reading problems). Also I asked if I would be able to renew it. I'm not sure if that caused them to wonder if I would even return it, or if that's a common problem. But I think that was there concern. At that point I just gave up and just figured I would need to wait until I could scrounge up the $60 to buy it.

I never knew all through school that I had dyslexia, never even knew what it was. Teachers never said anything, and my mom was a only parent. She needed to spend her time trying to keep the roof over our head, and I was the typical rebellious teenager, so that didn't leave the door open much for communication (she always felt I just wasn't trying). I just squeaked by in school getting mostly C's and D's and commonly F's in English. I never went to collage, just started working at the local VONS grocery store in the meat department full time after school.

I don't know but I don't think learning braille would help. First it seems like it would be like learning a new language, and one is hard enough. Second even if it took away the visual aspects of reading the letters, I don't think it would help me to be able to concentrate. You probably have noticed that I write in fairly even length paragraphs, that makes it easier for me to read/reread. That's just about as much as I can read at one time before I need to take a break. It's kind of hard to explain, but when I'm trying to read something, it's like another part of my brain is thinking about something else. Then interrupts the part that is trying to read. Kind of like when someone try's to talk to you while you are trying to listen to a news story. Only you can tell them to be quiet, I cant keep my brain from interrupting and distracting me.

Then combined with seeing letters that aren't there, and having to reread things two and three times because of it. It just makes it very difficulty and time consuming for me. Then top that off, the more complicated or technical the material I'm trying to read is, the harder it is co concentrate. I know there are ways to learn to deal with dyslexia, and that really takes knowing the type and severity of it. The only real way I can see to learn to deal with it, is going back to school. Taking reading and English classes designed for people with dyslexia. I'm not really looking forward to it (I have never had much luck in school.), but hope to take those classes one day. I really want to take classes on any thing related to plants and hydroponics though. But right now I'm just trying to stay above water money wise.

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