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A Newbie's Plan - Growing an Areca Palm DWC indoors

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Old 01-17-2017, 04:59 PM
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Default A Newbie's Plan - Growing an Areca Palm DWC indoors

Hi all. I am a newbie looking for anyone with experience to review my plan, give advice, and poke holes in it if you think it might not work.

Goal: I want an Areca Palm Tree (one of NASAs highest rated air purifying plants) indoors, without any soil, coco, or anything else like soil.

I want to absolutely minimize any risk of bugs.

I'd like this tree to live for several years without much maintenance except what is necessary.

My plan in a nutshell:
I want to use a Deep Water Culture method in a single, 22" planter. http://m.homedepot.com/p/Tuscany-22-...6116/202953703

I will place a 12" or 10" ring diffuser, and 8" disc diffuser into the bottom of the pot for maximum aeration. The air pump will sit outside the pot. The air line will be fed through a hole drilled into the top-side.

I will use a 10" net pot with hydroton.

I found a nice trash can lid that will perfectly for the planter, and the net pot. https://trashcansunlimited.com/round...cans-20-colors

I still have to figure out nutrients mix, and how to measure /modify pH, etc.

I plan to change the water/nutrients every two weeks by pumping out the water with a water pump, and replacing with fresh water/nutrients.

I will buy the Areca Palm off eBay to avoid ANY soil. It comes with the roots in a gel solution. The tree is small, maybe 12-18".

I know root rot is an issue with too large of a pot and a small plant. I know this is because the tiny plant cannot suck up all the water from such a huge amount of wet soil. I Am using a huge pot with a tiny plant, I get that, but I am making sure the ENTIRE planter will be WELL aerated with tons of oxygen. Root rot should not be an issue I am thinking, and so a giant planter should not be an issue I hope. My little tree can grow nicely into its huge home. After all, seedlings grow in the ground, and become trees, without transplanting. I think it's all about the "habitat" that the roots have.

Once I get the Palm off eBay, I plan to put it in soaked hydroton in the basket, and keep it in this setup. I am hoping my tree will grow nicely and live for years.

So what do you think?

Guy on Reddit says DWC is a bad idea for a newbie without much experience, and such a big plant.

Guy at hydro store says sure, why not DWC? It should work.

What about you guys?

Thanks so so much!

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