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33 site recirculating aquaponic drip system

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Old 07-29-2013, 12:26 AM
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Default 33 site recirculating aquaponic drip system

so i have 3 rows at 44" lengths with 11 plants on each row. I have an aquarium about 2' underneath the setup to be collecting the runoff from the drip. I am wondering what type of pump would be best for this type of setup, and i assume ill have to go from thicker to thinner hoses as i reach the emitters? i have it setup so far with old supplies i had laying around, a 132 and 160 gph pumps, went directly to a 1/4" hose off the pump split to the 3 rows, and to the 1/4" emitters, only about a 1/4 of the emitters would drip, only those closest to the pump. i assume the problem is both the pump, and the friction i get from only using the 1/4" vinyl tubing.

any guesses on what pump would be good for giving me a correct connection to about 1/2 outlet so i can go to straight pvc or similar ridged pipe to get to my drips before i go to the 1/4"?

i figure ill go 1/2" mainline, split that into three 1/2" 'zones' then come off that with the 1/4" emitters.

id like to keep these black as its also an aesthetic type setup.

Anyways thanks for the input, and if you need pictures i can find some batteries for my camera and snap a few of what i have going on so far.

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