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New guy, strawberry tower

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Old 02-06-2017, 08:26 AM
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Default New guy, strawberry tower

Hello all, new guy here. I have been reading and doing some minor research on hydroponics oner the last 3 days. I have watched lots of videos and read from some sites. I also used the search button on this forum and tried to find and read as much as possible on hydroponic strawberry tower but it's not giving me me the whole break down.

Let me fill everyone in on my background so you know where I'm coming from. First off, I have never plated anything in my life. Planting is all new to me. I have grown sticks in a glass box for a few years. People call this Reefing aka saltwater coral reef tank growing. I think this part is similar to hydroponics as I had to measure nutrients trace element, tds of top off water, ph of aquarium and top off water, mix and add trace elements (I have used 2 part mixes and more completed calcium reactors), familiar with lighting, spectrum, intensity, photo period. In a sense, reef keeping has many similarities as hydroponics.

I actually have lots of my old reef keeping stuff such as banks of t5ho, 250watt/400watt metal halide, reflectors, heaters. I think all my timers are junk now since they have not been used in such a long time. I also have big pumps but they are way way too big for what I'm trying to do. I don't plan to use any light except sunlight through he window but if I need to supplement I will.

Anyhow, I'm interested in growing herb and strawberries. I may get into planing lettuce later but not right now. I plan to make 2 5 gallon bucket towers, 1 for herbs such at cilantro, basil, mint, dill, bay; 1 fore strawberries.

Questions I need answered if you would please.

I plan to use a 5 gal bucket with lid. I will cut a offset hole in the lid to fit a 3'' pvc pipe. PVC pipe will have pockets cut and molded (seen vid on heating it and shaping to fit baskets) to fit baskets. I plan to buy 1 length of 3'' pipe and cut it in half. So I really only have like 3.5' of actual space to make these pockets.

1.What size baskets for the herb and what size baskets for the strawberries? I was thinking 2'' baskets would be nice

2. I plan to have these pockets cut in 2 rows staggered 1 left 1 right so that I can effectively face and grow facing the window. That way I don't have to turn the thing back n forth for sunlight coverage. How far of spacing should I have these pockets?

3. The submersible pump will sit down in the bucket. I plan to attach a flexsible hose to the pump on one end and a cpvc pipe on the other. I will cap the pipe and cut slits into the cpvc so that it would squirt a nice fan towards the insid eof the tube in the direction of the basket pockets. Is this a good idea or should I use misters or what?

4. With the above, what should the on/off cycle be if any? Should it be constant on or on and off in intervals throughout the day? This system will sit in the living room so I would like it to be as quiet at possible.

5. What or where can I get the best bang for buck nutrient for these plants? I don't mind mixing powders to making my own nutrient mix if its a lot cheaper.

6. What brand of nutrient mix is good for strawberries?

7. Let's say I finish making these towers at the end of this month. Can I still grow the strawberries and expect to get fruits in 2 month?


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