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rasberry roots black

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Old 04-15-2010, 04:07 PM
garcrob garcrob is offline
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Default rasberry roots black

I started out with a dwc system and these two rasberry plants
they were in there for about a month,had 2 air stones and a large air pump in about 15 gallons of water

the roots were partialy underwater for that month
well when i looked at them they were black, the solution was black because of the fert.

I switched them into a nft system and thought the black would go away after a day or so.

Two weeks still looks the same

then i put some rooting hormone on them to see if this would spark sonme root growth as there has been none since day one

nothing, they are growing but growing very very slow,

i dont get it, they are under a good light, in a better system, plenty of air, fertilizer....

What else do they need?

Should i cut back some of the black roots? See if something happens?

Ill post some pics later.

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