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Grow light for chilies and herbs & cause of CFL failure

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Old 02-26-2011, 10:56 AM
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Default Grow light for chilies and herbs & cause of CFL failure


My 200 w cfl just broke. I'm suspecting that i kept the CFL too close to the reflector and it overheated. The CFL was about 1 inch from the reflector so I'm suspecting the electronics overheated.

I'm growing lettuce, herbs, chilies and also trying to get some cherry tomatoes going. Will a 150 W CFL be enough to grow any of the above? If not, what kind of gear do i need? Maybe I need to get a HID? I'm growing in a pretty confined space so heat is kind of an issue, also I don't want the electric bill to ruin me

About the heat problem. Does a 250 w CFL run much cooler than a 250 w hps?

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