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Large scale Hydroponics farm in Kuwait

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Old 12-22-2012, 08:23 AM
Maple_leaf Maple_leaf is offline
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Default Large scale Hydroponics farm in Kuwait

Hi Ya'll !

So my brother and I, Canadians with an Arabic background decided that a Hydroponics farm in the Middle East would be a great idea, considering the lack of fertile soil, cheap virtually free electricity, cheap desalinized water, and virtually free desert land.

So we've been planning to set up this hydroponics farm in Kuwait, we've found a piece of land, and couple of rich Arab investors with spare land and money.

The thing is we're both electrical engineers and we have no experience in farming whatsoever, so I sometimes feel like we're taking on way more than we should. But my brother motivates me a lot, he's much more of a risk taker than I am I guess.

So here's the deal:
The biggest challenge is the heat, temperature can reach a soaring 50'c in August here, not sure what's that in 'F but it's much hotter than Arizona.
However the most appealing factors are the ones I mentioned earlier, and the fact that most of the food is imported.

The initial plan is to build a concrete structure, since concrete is really cheap here, and is a pretty good insulator.

Indoors we're planning multiple farming levels of PVC pipes topped with led lights. We're planning on tomatoes, chilli peppers, sweet peppers & squash.

We'll also have a local Horticulturalist on site helping us with all the farming details, seasons, seeds, fertilizers, etc..

I am expecting a really steep learning curve but..

Is the plan too simple?
Do I sound crazy?
Is there anything else really important we're missing out on?
What do you guys think?

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