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Many questions......

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Old 02-03-2011, 12:54 PM
CAPT38 CAPT38 is offline
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Default Many questions......

Well, I have read most of the posts in this forum and have quite a number of questions, before I get started on this venture in hydroponics.

1. Food grade plastics.... I have several 5 gal. Buckets that say hdpe 2. That had motor oil in them ( that I have washed very well and sterilized with bleach)
Will these be safe to use?
2. I've bought some plastic plant pots that have pp 5 on the bottom that I planed to make
Net pots with good idea or not?
3. I plan to grow 7 different vegies on a drip system will I have to get different
Nutes for them? (Tomatoes peppers cucumbers onions and green beens)
4. Coco chips as a medium should I use it by itself or mix it with another medium for good or better results?
5. What size submersible pump should I get for a 12 bucket system, and what size rez
Should I have?
If ther is anything I have left out or may need to no please feel free too comment.
Sorry if this post doesn't come out right ( I'm using my blackberry)

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