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best way to create the access holes

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Old 02-02-2009, 08:04 AM
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Default best way to create the access holes

Ron, yours is a great web site and I have learned a lot. I can see you get a lot of the same questions over and over. Now I searched for an answer to my question, but could not find it maybe you can direct me to it. the container that holds the solution for the 11 plant unit - what is the best way to create the access holes - I am concerned that the plastic lid will crack and crumble. thx j

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Old 02-02-2009, 08:06 AM
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Hey I know I sometimes sound annoyed about the same questions being asked over and over but I know that my web site is so out of hand I can't find anything myself. So what the hell, what do do expect from a pot head.
O! Sorry. I forgot about answering your question. Damn that short term memory loss.
If you put a piece of wood under the lid before drilling the holes it will help the plastic lid from cracking. Sitting the lid in the sun to soften it up before drilling will also keep it from cracking.

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