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Donít miss top best awesome zombie games for Android

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Old 11-29-2018, 11:17 AM
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Default Donít miss top best awesome zombie games for Android

Scary zombies (also known by the name Zombie) have been the subject of many films, TV shows and of course in the game. When you walk around the App Store or Google Play, you'll see hundreds, thousands of exciting mobile games, placed on the shoulders of players to destroy live corpses with innovative weapons. However, after a while, thinking, you will probably have difficulty in making the conclusion that the game is really worth playing, most experienced.

Let's go through the best Zombie games for Android smartphones that you should not miss this summer. Let's experience the zombie game style extreme action game.

Friday the 13th

Join the Friday the 13th for Android, your task is to chase and slaughter camper through 100 levels of puzzles as the immortal assassin Jason Voorhees - symbol of terror Friday of the 13th.

If you've seen Friday the 13th movie - one of the most famous horror movies of the 80's - it's about Jason Voorhees, the main character in the movie. He is a horror character famous throughout the United States and around the world for the horrible killing of various weapons, but the most common weapon is the machete. Jason lived in the Crystal Lake campground and killed anyone who came to camp here, sometimes chasing after the victims to the city to kill them.

In Friday the 13th, from the Crystal Lake campgrounds to the highlands of Manhattan, from jail to ski resorts, Jason sowed horror to the victims of the world.

Features of Friday the 13th for Android

∑ 8 full of strategy, courage and separation pain in 100 levels.

∑ There are Jason Voorhees who have never appeared before, such as Jason Supermax, Frozen Jason, Jason Apocalypse, and more.

∑ You will face traps, police, SWAT teams, mines, rotary dial phones, cats, and Jason's mother.

∑ Select the "R" mode to watch dozens of killer scenes in horror movies or "PG" for a quiz experience with your family.

∑ Level up and unlock tons of awesome F13 killer weapons.

∑ Sell ​​the rusty weapons and do not want to use in exchange for superpower weapons!

∑ Buy any product in the game for F13 non-advertised.

∑ Game does not require network connection when playing. So, you can play F13 Killer Puzzle on the plane, bus or in the forest around the campfire. As long as you do not let Jason find you.

∑ The game was developed by Blue Wizard, the father of the award-winning multiplayer puzzle game Slayaway Campm.

To explore more Android games, you can get access the link Apk at Top1apk.

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 for Android is a very interesting third-person shooter for Android devices.

Resident Evil 4 on Android has two game modes: Story Mode and Mercenary Mode. In that Story Mode, players will follow Leon Kennedy to discover a nightmare that is happening in an Eastern European country: the parasite Las Plagas, along with the rescue mission of a girl. US President: Ashley Graham. Meanwhile, Mercenary Mode is considered as the survival mode of the game, when you will have to kill as many "host" infected with Plaga as possible in a certain time.

Features of Resident Evil 4

∑ The game's cinematic images and lively battles.

∑ The third-person shooter takes players into the action-packed panorama and real action scenes.

∑ Location based on the level of damage of tactical battles is increasing.

∑ Uses intuitive vision system to kill enemies with laser accuracy.

∑ Shoot at enemies' feet so they collapse or head to annihilate.

∑ Perform complex actions with touching the screen.

∑ Interactive context controls allow players to perform complex actions with just one touch: climb the ladder, equip the binoculars and jump through the window by clicking on an icon.

∑ Upgrade or die.

∑ Use in-game money to buy and upgrade weapons from the Arms Merchant store. Increase damage, reload time and power of weapons. Money can be earned when the enemy is destroyed or earned in the game.

If you are fond of Android games, you should refer the link Time to immerse yourself in the world of top Android apk games.

Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 for Android pushes players into a war of survival, a race to save the family from the bloodthirsty zombies "like the Yuan". There is no escape line in this playground. Players must move forward, equip themselves with a powerful arsenal and do anything to survive. Slash, slaughter, kill live corpses or anything else that moves. There is no safe place in this world. How far can you live and go? The answer is only available at Into the Dead 2 for Android.

Features of Into the Dead 2 for Android

∑ Develop story and create many different endings: Complete 7 chapters of action, 60 stages and hundreds of challenging "hard"

∑ Heavy weapons and ammunition: Unlock, upgrade sharpshooters, firearms, explosives and much more.

∑ Multiplayer gameplay: Fire from a military arsenal, kill the living corpses from the vehicle, stab them to survive or risk walking after them.

∑ Huge range of environments: Explore a variety of locations, from oil fields, military bases to campsites and countryside.

∑ The threat from the zombies is constantly increasing: changing tactics to eliminate all of the different zombie waves, including armored corpses and running.

∑ Multiple daily and special event modes: Demonstrate your own skill sets to win unique prizes.

∑ The loyal companion dog: Fight the zombies and protect the safety of the player.

Last Light - Zombies Survival

The zombie-themed survival game has always been astonishing to everyone because it's horrible but not overly bloody so it's not too picky. Featured in this game must be mentioned in the game. Zombies, Zombie Evil, Dead Warface: Zombie ... However, most of them have the motifs they are pretty boring shooters. If you are looking to find something new in live game genre, Last Light - Zombies Survival for Android is the right choice for you.

Last Light - Zombies Survival for Android has a plot that captivates players right from the start. The game is about a boy who was abandoned on a deadly planet invaded by zombies. He always has to run to survive. All he has is a backpack including a map as well as loneliness. But one day, he found a radio broadcasting the voice of others. From here, the journey to find the safe shelter of the strangest survivors began.

Last Light - Zombies Survival for Android challenges players through 28 levels. Throughout the journey, players will see the development of friendship and how they help each other in the distance with just the help of the radio. Finally, you will explore who the mysterious stranger is.

Features of Last Light survival - Zombies Survival for Android

∑ 5 different corpses of life

∑ Tree size at each level is generated. Where too big trees block the road in the old version has now freed up space to get the path

∑ A lot of the power and the level of power in the game is also arranged randomly

Hope that you enjoy the games!

To know more about Android games, you can go to the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8sLRkzWK1g.

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