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next up

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Old 08-08-2011, 01:09 PM
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Default next up

I am starting anew system and am in the build stage sucks when I only have little time right now to work on them but not complaining as it is nice to have paychecks regularly with OT. I have been trying to make this so it comes apart easily for moving. I think I am close to an idea but raining today and got to work nights this week so waiting on me it is. But Ideas are welcome.

here are some pics.

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Old 08-08-2011, 02:41 PM
fintuckyfarms fintuckyfarms is offline
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I really like the concept, but how are you gonna reach the plants in the center? I only had 4 pipes and I had to get my husband to reach the 3rd pipe for me after the tomatoes got about 8" high and I couldn't access the center from both sides. I really like the elevated design though.
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Old 08-08-2011, 08:34 PM
GpsFrontier GpsFrontier is offline
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First Question is What type of system is it planed to be (NFT, Flood and Drain etc.). Just trying to figure out the easiest way to run the pluming. Also what type of plants are you planing on growing in it? My first thought was why not Invert the "V" shape? Making the center the high point, and the sides the low point. That way you would be able to access the plants all away around, rather than just the ends. But if your planning to use artificial light with this system, I can see why you made the sides higher. It would require less light fixtures for complete coverage that way.

Though you will still want to be able access each plant. To do so you could design the system so each tube slides out horizontally for access to the center plants. For that you would want to use fittings for the inlet and overflows that disconnect and reconnect quickly/easily. Also you would want to create a bypass for any tube you have pulled out for maintenance at the time. That way the other tubes wont be deprived of water while your working on one. Though when you slide one of the tubes out horizontally, you'll also need some sort of a stand to hold up the end you pull out (or have a friend hold it while you work, lol). You can also completely take the tube out, and simply make a stand out of something like two saw horses.

If you design it so all the tubes slide out horizontally, the system should be fairly easy to move (for it's size). Just slide each tube completely out of the system, lay them down on the ground (using something like bricks to keep them from roiling over). Then just take the screws out for the horizontal framing, and move each of the three vertical sections separately to the new location. If you have the things you'll need ready like the bricks and cordless drill charged, as well as the new spot and staging locations (for the tubes while you move the stand) ready. You could probably have the whole thing moved in about 30 min. The plants should survive that with no problem.

Well I did these drawings before I took a closer look at the pictures, and now think the previous plan I mentioned is much simpler. But what the heck I already have the images done, so I'll I post them just for additional ideas as well. Another idea is to cut the horizontal framing into sections, so the vertical sections can be moved separately (and still fit through a doorway). Then putting them back together with something like splints. Then you would just need to take the screws out to break the whole thing down like a piece of furniture.

Though after taking a closer look at the pictures of the setup, it appears that it's easy enough to unscrew the horizontal framing the way it is. Thus in the long run would result in a lot less screws to undo in order to break it down.

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