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bleach jug system.

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Old 02-05-2009, 05:09 AM
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Default bleach jug system.

Hey Ron, Thanks for the quick response about the size pipe to use for bleach jug system. I am using a natural color industrial bleach jug style container with plain cap and found that it fits nice and tight in 1.5 inch std. pvc which I will use a small piece glued into the t fitting. Inside the gallon jug I am using a .5 gallon plastic jar to hold my medium which is going to be perlite with a little vermiculite. I figured using a container that is .5 gallon size would work good for growing 3-4 foot flowering plants. Please give your opinion on this setup. ? # 2. I have a limited area for the system so it's going in a closet and will get only artificial light from 2 175 wat merc.vap lights and I will probably add a 200 watt hps. Here is the problem I am expecting though, I feel it is going to get quite hot in the room, so here is my plan and I would like your opinion: I am adding 2 bath type exhaust fans, one bringing outside air in and one going out. I think this will help but I might need to add a cooling chamber for the water in the system and here is what I have in mind: 1st I am using a different style of pump than most people, it's a 12 volt diaphragm pump used on lawn/farm sprayers that has a high gpm output and it is not submersed it is connected to a hose that pulls water from the systems pipes then dumps it back in the .5 gallon containers thru controlled flow and puts excess flow right back in the pipes. Now with that said here's the idea, run a long amount or the suction hose thru a cooler full of ice or possibly a small fridge to create a cooling coil so when the system cycles it cools the water going to the plants thus helping to keep the overall temp down. What do you think or do you know of another way to do this?

Last ? for now, When cloning cuttings by using root tone on similar product and putting the cuttings into dirt, I have had success. How do you clone plants in a hydro environment? Is there a small system I should build just for this? or what can you tell me to get started successfully do this? Thanks, DC420 dc4200@hotmail.com

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Old 02-05-2009, 05:10 AM
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You want the bad news first. Mercury vapor lamps produce a color spectrum that is not as efficient as the halide or hps for indoor growing. It's not the kind of light to use if you expect any kind of yield.
I use vermiculite for cloning not dirt.

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