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New(first may be) commercial Hydroponic greenhouse

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Old 04-19-2014, 02:29 PM
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Red face New(first may be) commercial Hydroponic greenhouse

Hi guys
I am small scale farmer in South India. I used to work in London on technology research. I am from a family farming background. That being said, now get to the real meat.

I am working on a Greenhouse for production of tomato, brinjal, lettuce, spinach,etc using Hydroponic techniques. I am looking for professionals to help me out, as there isn't much of technical skillset available around here in India to setup and manage hydroponics. Ours is a place suffering serious droughts recently, thanks to Global Warming. Hydroponics setup could literally save lives here.

I have 10 acres of real estate in my hands, though have to get rid of some coconut trees( they aren't much productive with the draught anyway) for this project.

My initial project idea is to build 120'x25'x12'(H) arch structure poly carbonate shielded greenhouse that comes with ventilation using exhaust fans. The lighting and temperature aren't a problem here considering that here we are very close to the equator, and just is almost passing exactly overhead for last two days here.
- This setup will have growing leafy items like spinach and lettuce, will be grown in the channels setup on the side walls of the greenhouse
- middle ground would be left over for heavy stuff like climbing tomatoes.

Need suggestions on:
- What kind of things/conditions/situations I should be aware from past experience of you guys
- Motor pump, is there any specific recommendation on this one. I can get the usual aquarium pump with 10' head. I am planning to connect the supply hose to the top channel and just drain it using gravity to lower channels.
- nutrient solutions: anyway I could produce this myself with reasonable cost of manufacturing setup? very scarce suppliers/importers here.
- Medium: I understand perilite is great medium, but commercial availability is scarce here. Is coco peat doing any good for this with tomatoes ?
- arch greenhouse: any specific advantage with ARCH shape, the square one seems to cost less to setup the structure here.
- Power supply: planning to solar panels with batteries to charge to exploit the heavy sunlight availability. Heating being almost unnecessary here, the power demands are mostly for just the air/water pumps and tube lights for night works.

Future: I am planning to expand into 5 more units of similar size over next year if I have a decent first yield. I am planning to promote this to local farmer with some kind of financial assistance. Farmer here desperately need this one, but still don't know much about these.

Help would be appreciated, you could help us change our world here!!

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