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Water PPM ?

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Old 05-16-2012, 06:09 PM
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Default Water PPM ?

Ok so i was going to repeat the filter set up GPS has, then the wife said she really liked the portable RO set up i found online. We plan on doing a lot of traveling.

So before i order'd anything, just for the hell of it i checked the PPM of my tap water here in the new house and it's 150PPM. Is that really to high to start off with? Ya i understand the lower it is the better, but if that works it just means i'm in no big hurry for the portable RO setup yet.

And also i've read some ppl are taking whatever PPM the water is and adding that to the nute PPM. Sooo say i started out with a 150, they are taking the 150 and adding it to say 1100 give you a total PPM of 1250. That's not right is it?

I've alway's just added my nutes to the existing water till i got to my needed PPM. If it was 1100, i added nutes till the meter say's 1100.

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