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Newbie having problems / needing advice

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Old 05-31-2018, 08:06 PM
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Default Newbie having problems / needing advice


I am very new to hydro and did a PVC pipe setup this year. I currently have basil, parsley, cilantro, peppers, and zucchini growing. I am already aware that the zucchini was not a smart choice for pvc, but am trying to make the best if it as the plants have survived and have not completely clogged up my pipes.

A week agonI noticed some black, burnt looking spots on the leaves of my pepper plants. Some of the black was at the tips of the leaves and some was in the center. I snipped off the affected leaves and it seems to be some better but still there.

Also, my zucchini have now developed end rot and are shriveling at the ends (not filling out but getting pointed). I changed my nutrient solution a few days ago, but it does not seem to have helped.

My setip is outside and se have had rain for a week solid. Could this be the cause of the zucchini problems?

No clue about the pepper issue. I will try to add pics if I can.

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