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Cyanobacteria, tea not working, PLEASE HELP!

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Old 02-20-2017, 12:57 PM
chopficaro chopficaro is offline
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Default Cyanobacteria, tea not working, PLEASE HELP!

hey guys
i have been dealing with cyanobacteria for 6 months
i have been able to keep my plants alive by changing the reservoir more than once a week
ive tried voodoo juice
ive tried hydroguard
ive tried h2o2
i thought it was pythium until 2 weeks ago when i discovered it was cyanobacteria. then i started trying the tea.
for 2 weeks ive been brewing and adding a tea once every 2 days with a handful of ancient forest in a nylon tied to an air stone, 1 teaspoon of npk raw molasses, and 1/4 teaspoon great white in ro water
but now my plants are just dieing
i thought the tea was working but the roots have turned from light brown to dark brown. i have 1 perfectly white root on each plant
maybe the tea does work but my plants were too far gone for it to work
i dont get a foam on top of the tea when i brew it, should i try adding fox farm liquid hummus?
plz helpz! esp if u have dealt with cyanobacteria!

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