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Evaporation or "Drinking"??

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Old 04-15-2011, 09:28 AM
danryan28 danryan28 is offline
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Default Evaporation or "Drinking"??

I know this sounds like a stupid question, but it hasn't been very hot here yet, but my system was down about 2 gallons (6 gallon open system), in about a week.

It's a very basic system, the plants are all doing very well (except the strawberries).

I added 2 gallons, with nutrients for 1 gallon. I usually change the entire nutrient/water solution every 3 - 4 weeks, so I still have two weeks to go.

There's a video on my blog:
Dan's Hydroponics - 2011


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Old 04-15-2011, 10:48 AM
Freshwater Freshwater is offline
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Hey Dan,

Any aeration under that pot? Are you controlling the temp. of your reservoir (i.e. heater)?What is your general location.

For a small tomato plant, and a few leafy greens this time of year you are probably loosing just as much water due to evaporation as your plants are drinking. Once you set fruit, your plant will go through much more water.

You could always set a bucket of water right next to your hydro pot with a known amount of water in it (2-3 gallons), and check your evaporation level in 7 days. Personally I try and seal my reservoirs as much as possible, within reason.

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Old 04-15-2011, 10:34 PM
danryan28 danryan28 is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2011
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Default Thanks

There isn't an aerator, just the water pump to flood the system. I'm in located in NC, and it hasn't really been too hot yet. Last year I had the reservoir sealed, but this year I wanted to try something different. I might re-do the reservoir and put it in a different container.

by the way, thanks for the info!

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