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plants get in your 11 bottle system

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Old 02-04-2009, 02:21 AM
ronee ronee is offline
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Default plants get in your 11 bottle system

hi ron,how tall will my pot plants get in your 11 bottle system. and do they all mature in the bottles.i was reading on another site where they sell a step by step video on hydroponics to grow three plants yielding 4 oz per plant.but requires 9 sq ft.per plant.im getting a confused on needed space for your 11 plant system? my grow room is a tub shower inclosed.thanks ron

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Old 02-04-2009, 02:22 AM
Ron Ron is offline
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1 square ft. per plant is the ideal size for a 18 to 24 inch tall plant. The 11 plant garden bottles are to close for large plants unless you bend them this way and that way.
I have never heard of someone getting 4 oz per indoor plant. They just want to sell videos. Weight depends mostly on the seeds you use and not the system you grow in.
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Old 10-04-2009, 01:23 PM
silentscorp silentscorp is offline
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Is it best then to judge plant development based on height for this system? Or, should following nutrient calculators, and proper ph dictate what's best for particular plants? My plan is just to keep it simple, I'm using the B.C. nutrient recommended mixes, with the 11 plant setup. Everything appears to be going according to nature here. Day 4 and all my germinated sprouts are showing nice color, leaves and are standing above the medium about an inch and a half. in hindsight I'm noticing that it's recommended to black out the containers which I didn't do. How critical is this step? I'll end up wrapping this batch for now to keep out the ambient light. I totally improvised on my lighting. Going for low voltage, I've got 4 of the 14w 225 led panel lights, and a cfl bulb that claims to put out 6400lumens at 150w. I'm keeping temp at 75f, and humidity around 30%. I've checked ph daily and it's pretty stable, 6.3 in solution, and around 6.8 in the medium. That concerned me a bit, the slight diff. in ph, but it doesn't seem to be causing any adverse effect. These forums have been extremely helpful. Thanks all!
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Old 10-09-2009, 01:40 PM
silentscorp silentscorp is offline
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My bad, not 6500 lumens. It's 6500K, I'm not too familiar with what that means though. This first round of pics is at 4 days in the medium, 3 days from germination. I was wondering where a good place to find info on recommended PPM of differnet components in the nutrient solution. I'm just following "The Recipe for Success" that the techna flora site posts. I guess it's all about experimenting within a specific range and seeing what works best. It feels like these have pretty good root systems to get going. I've advance my lighting to 18/6, during rooting I ran 16/8. I changed it at a week. The leaves are broadening nicely and the second nodes are just starting to take off. I've never watched plants so closely, but I think I can actually tell sex on these, they're only at 11 days though so I'm not rushing to exterminate. Of the first 6 seedlings I think I got a 50/50 mix! 3 of these are really establishing height, and the second node and the strains of the 3rd node are becoming visible. I'll get pics later today and post.Click image for larger version

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