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Light movers

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Old 10-16-2016, 12:13 PM
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Default Light movers

I have a Sun Systems LEC 315 light emitting ceramic (ceramic metal halide) grow light on order, which will replace 3 cfl lights that total about 100 watts. The light covers a 3 X 3 foot area. I've been checking out light mover videos, and they say you can cover 25% more production with only 7 more watts of power to move the lights. Maybe I could cover a 3 X 6 grow area instead of a 3 X 3 grow area with the one 315 watt grow light, doubling the grow area.

If I move the lights, each plant would not receive as much intensity light than the amount of light intensity they would receive if I didn't move the lights. However, the light would be coming from different angles instead of from just one angle if the light was fixed, so different parts of the plants would be illuminated better.

Would I need to increase the amount of lighting time to compensate for moving the lights because the plants might not receive as much light intensity when the light is moved, verses not moving the light.

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