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A litte question about hydropontics

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Old 08-07-2018, 04:07 AM
thanhhtuan312 thanhhtuan312 is offline
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Default A litte question about hydropontics

Do you mean hydroponics:
Hydroponics, from the Greek words (water-working). Hydroponics is a system of gardening without soil.
In hydroponics, you provide all the nutrients to your plants through a water/nutrient solution.
There are lots of ways to apply hydroponics but, basically, all of them supply nutrient solution directly to the plant's root system. In most cases you mix nutrients into water and feed this solution directly to your plants.
Soil doesn't make plants grow. It's just something for the plants to hold on to while they search with their roots for
the food and water that's mixed into the soil.
Since the food and water are randomly scattered about, plants have to use up energy growing ever-larger root systems to reach out in a constant search for these elements.
In a hydroponic garden, a soil-less, inert growing medium is used and food and water are delivered directly to your
plants' roots.
Your plants grow quicker and harvest sooner because they can direct all their energy into the vegetation growing above the surface instead of the root system below it.

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Old 11-22-2018, 07:55 AM
vasanthanju vasanthanju is offline
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Hydroponics farming method helps people in having their own healthy and natural food garden either in large scale or in small-scale agriculture. Hydroponics plants and food contains more advantages than the food material got from other methods of agriculture.
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Old 11-23-2018, 08:15 AM
vasanthanju vasanthanju is offline
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Hydroponics can be considered as one of the better methods of agriculture in this present world. The main reason is that hydroponics system design is created in such a form that overcomes all the barriers like pollution, water scarcity, infertility of soil, lack of agricultural land and so on, and many other practical problems in performing our so-called "natural method of agriculture" which is practiced in all over the world from ancient period of time.
Hydroponics system design

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