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Tomato Plants are not producing....

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Old 08-27-2011, 05:49 PM
T'Mater T'Mater is offline
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Well before i changed my last batch i put in some H202 and that's when i started getting the foam, sitting on top of the water along with a wierd film. That's when i changed my nutes and did a big flush ordeal, then i ran out of PH down, cause the stuff that was supposed have been here Monday didn't come till Thursday.

I did find out why my PH just went up so quick, i didn't give it time to flush through the system and flush out the high PH water in the Bato bucket's(they have a decent amount of storage at the bottom of them) Soooooo maybe if i'm lucky here they'll come back to me if not i'll chalk it up to one hell of a learning experience.
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