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Hi all, new visitor first time poster.

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Old 07-07-2018, 10:54 AM
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Default Hi all, new visitor first time poster.

Hi all, new visitor first time poster.

I am planning an outdoors commercial operations in Seville, Spain. The setup I am planning will be about 7 hectares of NFT/ aeroponics when it is in full production but due to economic constraints I will start with about 0.1 hectares only.

I plan to purchase a few cheap plastic greenhouses for seeding purposes and then move them outdoors when in vegetative. Later I will setup a few real greenhouses for production during November-February.

What I am thinking mostly is the ground: should I put plastic wrap on it first? In just the greenhouses or on the fields aswell?

Another thing: how long will the NFT/ Aeroponics units last outdoors in the scorching spanish sun?

Can I run a septic dispersal under plastic? It does not seem proper to me.

Thankful for any responses.

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