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16 Boulder Lamps 315W Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Light For Sale

16 Boulder Lamps 315W Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Light

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16 Boulder Lamps 315W Ceramic Metal Halide Grow Light:

These lights are the absolute best on the market. When you use the red led flowering lights with them, your plants will flower 2 weeks faster and growth is accelerated. And your electricity cost savings will actually pay for these lights.
  • There is only one agro ceramic metal halide lamp, the 315W CDM agro by Philips Lighting. There are other versions of 315W as well as lower and higher wattage ceramic metal halide lamps, however, these are not agro lamps. The major differences between agro and non-agro lamps are as follows: 1) Light spectrum, in particular, red and blue parts of the spectrum in agro lamps are tailored and optimized for growing plants indoor; 2) UV part of light spectrum in commercial lamps are minimized
  • Philips 315W CDL agro lamp is engineered to provide maximum amount of blue and red spectrums as well as certain amount of all other spectrums for Optimum growth for all types of plants. Unlike LED grow lights, using the same 315W CDL grow light one can grow lettuce, tomato, and 600 strains of cannabis plants.

Cut your electric bill in half …. Power consumption is half other lights.
These lights were used 9 months. I have 16 available.
I paid an average of $600 each. 5 lights have the added led red flowering lights and 2 have the added green led grow lights. 7 are grow lights w/o led.
The connections are included. 3 sets of track (light movers) are included.
I will include 2 T5 florescent (8 bulb) lights.Everything is available for local pickup north of Mobile Al.
I paid OVER $12,000 for these lights and accessories
Buy Now


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