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20L 36 Pot System (3Lane) & Flexi For Grow Space 6 x 1.5 M Clonex Propagator DWC For Sale

20L 36 Pot System (3Lane) & Flexi For Grow Space 6 x 1.5 M Clonex Propagator DWC

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20L 36 Pot System (3Lane) & Flexi For Grow Space 6 x 1.5 M Clonex Propagator DWC:

Powered by Frooition All Items See our store for more great items >> Shop CategoriesR-DWC2 Lane3 Lane4 LaneBubbler Pot SystemPro-Clone LabHydroponic AccessoriesR-DWC XLAccessoriesCloning NessesitiesAir StonesManifoldsAir PumpsBudget Mini Air PumpsMulti Channel Air PumpsMini Air PumpsWhisper Quiet Air PumpsPortable Air PumpsV SeriesEnviro Air PumpsChillersFlexi-TanksPiping & TubingPVCNutrientsRDWC Bundle Offers Helpful Links Add to Favourite Sellers Sign up to Newsletter View response Contact Seller Visit seller's Shop About Seller Page 20L 36 Pot System (3Lane) & Flexi For Grow Space 6 x 1.5 M Clonex Propagator DWC Item Description Urban Re-circulating Deep Water Culture System
The Urban R-DWC system uses only the best Re-circulating Deep Water Culture hydroponic technology known to man at this great stage in hydroponic evolution, featuring years of experimentation leading to enormous yields all packed into a box to provide you with the best and most fruitful growing experience.The Urban R-DWC’s technological secret weapon is put into play by wielding negative water pressure, which recirculates highly oxygenated nutrient solution through the plant’s root zone. It’s in this constant motion of fluid which leads to supercharging the nutrients with dissolved oxygen, creating hyper-aerobic conditions perfect for explosive plant and root growth. With continuous round the clock nutrient circulation you are ensuring that pH and EC levels are uniform throughout the entire from the Rest?
The Uniqueness of our Deep Water Culture System is unparalleled in design flexibility and its ease of use. The unique flexibility of the Urban system lies with the ability to attach add ons such as chillers, flexi tanks and even more pots at a later date, so if after investing into one style of Urban system, rest assured you are not stuck and can build your growing environment to your personal satisfaction.It is through the use of the Urban R-DWC system that we have seen delivered jaw dropping yields, both from applications as small as the hobbyist urban farmers to the scalable commercial greenhouse growers. Benefits of Re-circulating Deep Water Culture
  • Maximum Efficiency
With constant circulation and oxygen supply being delivered straight to where it matters, the root, you are maximizing the nutrient uptake capacity.
  • Monstrous Yield Potential
With Maximum efficiency in mind, this leads to monumental growth rates which produces larger plants and greatly reduces vegetative times, which means higher productivity with fewer plants.
  • Reduced Maintenance
Being that all of your plants are in one system, this ensures that the pH, EC/TDS and water temperatures stay uniform throughout the system, giving each plant the same nutrient uptake. To check or make changes to any of these all-important components, with the slight of ease can be done all from one pot, saving you time and effort.
  • Easily Adaptable
Our systems are designed especially to incorporate any Urban add-ons which you may see fit to add to your system. Weather that being additional pots and piping to the flexi-tank and chillers.
  • Ease of Assembly and Use
The setup of the system is simplified and made as user friendly as possible as pots come with pre punched holes and quick, easy instructions to ensure the correct set-up. As soon as all steps are taken and the system set, all is left to do is fill up the system, make appropriate changes to the water and happy growing!
Designs Available
Our RDWC System comes in two sizes; the average 20Ltr Pots and the Large 30Ltr Pot; and also spans over 3 different variables. We have the 2 Lane, 3 Lane and 4 Lane systems available; which kit you will need will be personal to each own as of the space requirements. Every Kit comes with holes pre-punched in the Main Control Bucket(complete with sealing plugs), specially designed to give you the opportunity to be able to attach a Chiller or a Flexi-Tank at a later date if you see fit. Also adding to the adaptability of the Kit, adding more Pots to each system is made available by buying Pot add-ons complete with connections and fittings.

Kit Contains

  • 1x 400L Flexi Tank
  • 1x Head Pot
  • 1x Head Pot Lid
  • 36x 20L Pots
  • 36x Pre-Punched class=\"_mce_tagged_br\">36x Net class=\"_mce_tagged_br\">2x Hailea V60 Air class=\"_mce_tagged_br\">1x Wet and Dry Pump 1000LPH
  • 1x 19mm Tee
  • 1x 19-13mm Reducer
  • 66x 25mm DB Joiners
  • 6x 25mm DB Urban Engineered Elbows
  • 2x 25-13mm DB Reducing Tee
  • 2x 25mm DB Equal Tee
  • 2x 25mm DB Urban Engineered Equal Tee
  • 2x 13mm Urban Engineered Elbows 
  • 1x 8mm Y Connector
  • 74x M32 Red Cable Glands
  • 1x M32 Black Cable class=\"_mce_tagged_br\">2x M20 Red Cable Glands
  • 37x 6mm Rubber Grommets
  • 1x 4mm Rubber Grommets
  • 37x 50mm Air Stones
  • 150x M32 Rubber class=\"_mce_tagged_br\">12x M20 Rubber Washers
  • 1x Valve Float BSPM
  • 1x Valve Float connector BSPF
  • 2x Chiller Connections Male + Female
  • 3x M20 Blanking Cap + Nut
  • 1x Equal Tee Air Manifold
  • 13x Single Air Manifold
  • 12x Double Air Manifold
  • 2x 8mm Airline Blanking Cap
  • 26Mtr x 4mm Red Airline
  • 16Mtr x 8mm Red Airline
  • 13Mtr x 13mm Return Pipes
  • 25mm Pipe
  • Water Level
  • 2x 19mm Red Water Pump Tube

Ideal Grow Space: 1.5m x 6m

  • About Us
  • About UsUrban Deep Water Culture channels 20 years of personal hydroponic experience and directs everything we have learned into methods and concepts seen throughout the brand, varying a mass of highly developed hydroponic systems.Our wealth of experience and expertise is available at an affordable price, whilst giving the end customer a competitively priced, value for money kit to rival any other brand on the market.We offer superb customer support, with a 12 month warrantee on all working and non-working parts, so anyone that has joined the Urban Grower Community can take refuge in the fact that there is always help just around the corner.It is through our need for efficiency that we wish not to only urbanize the hydroponic world, but by urbanizing the way you grow.
  • Payment
  • PaymentOur preferred method of payment is with PayPal. We also accept bank transfers and cheques. Cheques must clear before we ship your items. We can also offer a collection for anyone living constantly endeavour to pack every item with great care as to ensure your items arrive safely. All items arrive in plain packaging with no indication of what is inside of the package for discreet delivery. As soon as your order has been processed and we have received payment, your item will then be dispatched within 1 working day. We use economy 3 day shipping as to the standard P&P fee, but you can opt for a faster delivery on request for an additional cost.
  • Returns
  • ReturnsIf in the Unlikely event that you receive a faulty or damaged product, we are open to returns so long as we are notified within 30 days of receiving goods. After we receive the said goods we will either replace the item for you or give you a full refund.If a customer decides that they no longer want an item after purchase then they are welcome to return the product within 14 days of receiving goods as per the Distant Selling Regulations. We must be notified within 14 days of receiving product.Customers are responsible for return costs of unwanted items.
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