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Rdwc Hydroponics System Custom Made 12 Pot 5.3 Gallon Bucket Sites  For Sale

Rdwc Hydroponics System Custom Made 12 Pot 5.3 Gallon Bucket Sites 

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Rdwc Hydroponics System Custom Made 12 Pot 5.3 Gallon Bucket Sites :

FOOL PROOF HYDROPONICS ( Presents The New GROW MACHINE 12 Site RDWC Hydroponics System. The customer have a choice to have it built to any specific measurements. This Custom made RDWC only need 50 to 65 gallons of water to operate compared to 104 gallons of water like other systems like this to achieve the same results or better. you also save on nutrients and space along with lighting with the same kind of systems like this. Every system is custom made when ordered. We do not stock these systems. They are made on demand on customers request. We can custom build any system you got your eye on. Just leave us a message or a picture of a hydroponics system and we'll recreate it for you for half or a fraction of the price. This hydroponics system comes with 2 inch bulkheads and piping. Also Includes: 1) 5.3 gallon Control Bucket with all fittings.12) 5.3 gallon buckets with lids.1) 1000 GPH Active Aqua inline water pump.2) 792 GPH Commercial 6 Valve air pump. or 1) 12 valve commercial air pump. 12) 6 inch netted pots.12) 8 inch air stones.1) Air line for each bucket with net pot. 1) Inline irrigation filter and ball valve.1) 3/4 inch return hose. 1) Drain valve.4) clamps.1) Float Valve and Fittings for top-off reservoir that's (NOT INCLUDED)!!!Additional Information: Bulkhead Wrench or an Oil Filter Wrench is helpful but not needed to tighten the bulkheads down to ensure there is no leaks. It's built to last for years. Its comes with everything shown in description and pictures. Parts may vary depending on supplier. Please contact for any questions you'll receive a response within 24 to 48 hours. (PLEASE MESSAGE FOR ADDITIONAL SIZES AND STYLES) ( HYDROPONICS SYSTEMS 8 SITES AND BIGGER REQUIRE 2 BOXES TO BE SHIPPED/ SHIPPING RATES WILL VARY DEPENDING ON LOCATION.)
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