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Does anyone have some information on hydroponics?

Hello, does anyone out there know much about growing strawberries hydroponicly. I live in Taiwan and its hot and humid most of the time. I know the plant likes cool temperatures and have read that you can cool the nutrient solution, and use shadecloth with fans to reduce air temps. Is there any problem with nutrients at 60 or 65 and air temps at 80. If you have any information, I would appreciate it. Its especially hard to find much information on hydroponics in tropical places. Thank you. Jack

I am a FFA member going on to a regional competition and need information on Hydroponics. What is it> Is it more expensive way to grow? Is it the future for space? Let me have PRO's and CON's of this amazing way to grow food. Thanks

I asked to question about root rot. What do you think is the lowest water temperature that exposed roots could take without dying?? Thanks.


Hey Ron,

In the 9 plant garden can you make the bottles 10" apart from each other? If you can can I gro tomatoes or anything to maturity? Is this a suitable setup for most plants? If I space the cut 2 liter bottles 10" apart using the 16 oz solo cups?


Hi Ron i was wondering if there is a way to modify the 11 plant garden instead of using the 2 liter bottles with the 1/2 in holes can i use something bigger cause i noticed that the roots will grow right into the tubes

Water more often and your roots won't have to go looking for water down the pipes. 

Hi Ron, Hi all, Iv'e been lurking recently and now have a ligit question. I am growing tomatoes in a 6 plant 2 litre bottle system, I transplanted 4 weeks ago, they have tomatoes about the size of a 1/2 dollar. It is now time to change the solution, I have had the solution set up for growing phase, should I now change the nutrient to blooming phase or keep the grow phase mix? I am using general hydroponics solutions. Thanks to Ron and this site, this is my 2nd growing season and it only gets better! Tony in Va.

Because greenhouse tomatoes are indeterminate, which means they grow and produce fruits continually, all you can do is compromise and change your solution to bloom about half way threw to completion which is about two months for tomatoes that take about four months total to finish.  

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