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OK, well I was finally able to come up with a layout for all the in-ground stuff. I'm going to need to change the original plan for installing the sub "T" system in 3 layers. But I will explain that later (when I take pictures of the instillation), because it's going to be difficult to explain, and I don't have time to make 3D drawings right now.

The outer string lines are the walls of the greenhouse. The inner string line box is the walkway inside the greenhouse. The hydroponic system runs the circumference of the greenhouse walls, so the walkway is in the center. The 2 wooden sticks on the ground between the greenhouse wall, and the inner walkway is where the greenhouse doorway will be. All the markings in green are my layouts. The orange line is the phone line, and I'm not supposed to dig within 2 feet of it with power equipment (with hand tools only).

The two green "sort of" triangles are where each of the sub "T" systems will be installed underground. The round green circles inside the sort of triangles are where the vertical tubing (I call them vertical stacks) for each of the sub "T" systems will go. The green squares are where the nutrient reservoir are planed to go.

Some people may member that I mentioned that there is a 10 foot easement between the property line and the greenhouse, and noticed that 2 of the nutrient reservoirs are within that easement. Well due to my moms plans to build a shed near the garage and breaker-box, install a fence that needs to swing open to drive through, as well as extend the patio with pave stones (including a raised planter) to the end of the house and patio awning. I don't really have much choice. But if the city ever needs that easement to get a truck through, I have a plan to lay down some railroad ties and make a sort of bridge they could drive their trucks over.
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