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The materials have arrived!!!

The Home Depot load came as promised today. I had a lot of fun breaking it all down and moving it. All the black corrugated tubing is for the Sub "T" system. All the OSB board is for the hydroponic system. And the 2x4's are for both the greenhouse framing, as well as the hydroponic system support structure. I will be needing more 2x4's and other wood, but I can get them later because they fit in the car. I just wanted to add the bulk of what I'll need to the truck load because we were paying for the delivery anyway. The 20 pieces of 10 foot electrical conduit is for the greenhouse structure. The completely shrink wrapped pallet is mostly my moms stuff, with 14 bags of cement and hardware for the vinyl fence (I get to put up too). Though that pallet also had a box of my stuff on it with the 45 and 90 degree elbows for the electrical conduit. The whole pallet between the corrugated tubing and the 10 foot electrical conduit is all my moms stuff. It's the vinyl fence posts as well as the fencing. The ground breaking begins in 3 days (Saturday). I'll start a new thread to show the actual construction progress.

You got a great deal on those 55 gallon drums. I can't find those types for less than $30 used in my area
Ya, I would have got more of them just because they were so cheep, but we couldn't get any more in the truck and trailer. The guy I went with also got 4 of them too, and he wasn't even planing on buying anything. In total we brought back three 275 gallon totes, and ten 55 gallon barrels.
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