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Top 10 free online games for instant entertainment

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Old 10-17-2018, 04:44 AM
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Default Top 10 free online games for instant entertainment

Staying in the office for a long day is annoying. Put the papers down and pick up your mouse to discover the top ten free online games right here so you can have some entertaining moments during your nine to five.

1. The Awakening RPG
In this game, you have to transform into a character who lost his memory and must fight with a wolf to survive in the wild. At the beginning of the game, the man who opens his eyes wide, with many questions about himself, will draw out obsession from many players. Also, the music effects also bring thrills to the gameplay.

One of the cool things about this game is the character personalisation feature. Players can choose hairstyles, scars, skin color, costumes, and even necklaces, according to their preferences.

There are three difficulty levels to choose from: Easy, medium and hard; players will be able to choose the level of difficulty of the game in accordance with their ability. The only weapon in hand to protect yourself and against the enemy is a sword. In this game, players do not need to apply turn-based tactics, but instead, use dodge attacks to slice the wolf. Remember to attack the beast when its stamina is low.

2. Fire Element 2
If you’re stuck in the office all day, and feel weary in body and mind, why don’t you refresh yourself by playing Fire Element 2?

Fire Element 2, with its exciting plot, absolutely instills a sense of satisfaction. There are various fierce wars between the elements. Controlling the battle by mouse to shoot all aerolites can lead to completing the current level. Destroy the enemies and do not let them put out your fire. Learning that the basic elements had arranged the war, in each level, the players will face harder missions.

The certain amount of ammunition challenges the intelligence of players.

Out of free games to play online, this game is one of the most surprisingly addictive ones for its simple gameplay. Players just need to press various combinations of buttons in this retro-style shooter to enjoy the game. The special thing about the game is that you only have 10 bullets.

Therefore, you have to make use of each one to lower as many spacecraft as possible. The know-how of 10 bullets is to wait for the spacecraft to come closer together and destroy the one in the centre; then it will create an explosion which will have a chain effect and damage the other ones. Pay attention to the limited timer; you can wipe the entire fleet of nasties out with a single bullet.


The journey to find the son of the Abobo

The game is readily accessible at Mantigames. Its plot is simple, demonstrating the exciting and fun adventure of ABOBO. Abobo has to fight the rest of the world to get his kidnapped son - Aboboy back. Each level is an amazing adventure with an inimitable way to win in the end.

There are a lot of fun tricks worth exploring here, such as massive amounts of secrets, which unlock levels for better performance. Overall, Abobo's big adventure has a target audience and does everything in its power to defeat it. Use the basic keys to punch and throw objects to make the enemy weak.

5. Boulder Dash
Boulder Dash is a combination of arcade style gameplay with a strategy that can meet up to player's entertainment and expectations. At first sight, it seems to like Dig Dug, and quite crude. However, the gameplay is really unique. The mix of puzzles and arcade action can absolutely keep players glued to their screens for ages. The main task of players is to collect all diamonds while moving around the large map and avoiding the obstacles that can drop on your character

6. Contre Jour
It's a physics-based game with 20 free levels to play, where you control the petit character to visit the various gates in the mysterious world. The boundaries between game and art are blurred by the interaction of light and darkness that brings you to a beautiful ghostly world. A beautifully challenging and an immersive world of imagination and fantasy can bring players an instant delight.

7. Gridland
Gridland is different to a typical match-three puzzle game. The splendor of Gridland relies on the sense of progress. The timing of each new disclosure is a good reminder that tempo is an integral part of the game.

More details will ruin a fantastic game, but if you frequently fail to reach victory, you should change your approach.


The new super fun adventure of Mario Bross

Simple gameplay consists of moving and jumping with the primary keys. This game offers a pleasant feeling that does not require much skill. You will use the S key to jump over the turtles and collect coins. The big gap requires a long jump, so the player needs to coordinate the keys to make the long distance.

The difference of this game is the unexpected things that appear as you progress through each stage. Discover it now.oii

Based on a combination of science-based elements, the game will provide a chain reaction between natural elements. It is highly recommended that you should analyze the difference to get the best results, for example: How an atomic bomb was created (by combining energy with an explosion); or why the home is built. Besides, you can create your combinations and see the amazing results for yourself.

10. MOBS, INC.

A constant challenge for these adventurers

In Mobs, Inc, there are countless swords, and you have to destroy all of them by using your mouse to control your movement. Use one click to cut them into two. Your duties will gradually increase in responsibility as you pass a new challenge in which your magic will become stronger. If you are killed four times, then the game will end.

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