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Hydro Lettuce

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Old 12-18-2011, 09:13 AM
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Default Hydro Lettuce

Currently i'm growing Wattercress and Lettuce (Grand Rapids) and I manage to get a crop of Lettuces in 50-60 days (weather varying). The system is a custom built NFT.

My questions:
Why some lettuces get some strange marks? It is a Magnesium deficit? They grow normally but always have some leaves with those strange marks (See picture 8).
Why plants starting dying when at the sun? The air temperature is around 12C. At night they look healthy again. This reminds my they are unable to absorb enough water. nutrients running too high (1.5-1.7mS)?
Why even small lettuces start developing long >10cm, 2mm wide roots with absence of little "air" alike roots? (See picture 15)
Do you know any resource with information specific for Lettuces?

The photos are here

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