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5 Open Top GROW BAGS with COCO Peat Coir Slab HYDROPONIC Medium For Sale

5 Open Top GROW BAGS with COCO Peat Coir Slab HYDROPONIC Medium

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5 Open Top GROW BAGS with COCO Peat Coir Slab HYDROPONIC Medium :

5 Cocopel Open Top Grow Bag 1 Kg each, Compressed Coco peat Growing medium for Your easy Growing ideas.

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Dear Customer ! You are warmly welcome to Kalugalla Shop !

Lets Read product description for further details.

This open top bag is specially used for greenhouse or protective in-house growing.

But as people around the world are turning to grow their own fruits and vegetables in their garden or house this grow bag is becoming very popular for gardening, Balcony gardening, on roof gardening, hanging pot gardening.

If you are living in an urban area with very limited space, this growing bag will be very useful for you.

Growing medium in the Bag.

Cocopel grow bag contains a compressed coir fibre pith slab manufactured with a special blend of coconut fiber raw material.

The selected raw materials were washed, blended with fine particles and coco peat in appropriate proportions to reach the optimum water holding capacity (WHC) and air filled porosity (AFP).

  • Presence of sodium, calcium, potassium and trace elements complies to RHP standards.

  • Easy to manage in terms in irrigation and fertilization.

  • Proven composition of pith particles, chips and short fibres.

  • Ideal for soil less cultivation.

  • Highest water holding capacity.

  • Perfect EC and pH values.

All necessary technical details are in the product images gallery.

Importance of UV Treated Bag.

Covered and packed in a UV treated special polythene Bag.

  • Its inner coating is black in colour and outer coating is white in colour, reflecting light rays and preventing damages to the plant by overheating.

  • Cost effective because of higher durability allows you to replant several crop cycles using the same bag.

  • Consist of 8 drainage holes at the bottom, 2 in each side allowing drainage of extra water out and keep optimum water level in the medium.

  • Size of the bag is enough for the expansion of coco peat and thus allow roots to grow freely.

  • Easy to handle and needs a very small area to install a bag (22cm* 21cm* 20cm).

  • Can be covered with white or black polythene to suit different climate demands.

Ideal for

  • Tomato, Cucumber, Bell pepper.

  • Chillies, Brinjal. Capsicum.

  • Herbs (Turmeric, Ginger)

  • Bitter gourd, Cabbage, Lettuce.

A printed product manual including all instructions to use our open top grow bag will be shipped with the product.

We are Open 24/7 on . Please contact us via messages for further information

Bulk buying can be arranged according to your requirements.

Enjoy your new home gardening ideas with our Quality gardening products.

Dear Customer-

  • If you are satisfied with our products & services please leave us your valuable positive response to make our business success.

  • If you encounter any problems or not satisfied with our service please feel free to contact us via messages.

  • We are committed to provide more reasonable solutions to your problem through a very high level of service because your satisfaction is very important to us.


  • All transactions are through Paypal and major types of cards are valid.


  • We will process the product within 3 days as soon as the payment is made properly.

  • Order is usually shipped to the address of your or paypal account. Before confirming your order please check that the address to which the product should be received is correct.

  • We provide a valid Tracking number for all shippings so that you can get information about the status of shipped product in detail.


  • Please choose the most matching or desired product to minimize returns.

  • Opened, used or Damaged products (excluding damages during shipment) won’t be returned or refunded as we can’t sell the product.

  • You are mostly welcome to clarify any issue regarding your purchase.

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