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Naval Jelly PH Down

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Old 08-05-2011, 04:25 AM
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Default Naval Jelly PH Down

I was looking around for alternatives to the usual PH down solutions. I found a quite interesting product that seems to fit what I was looking for quite well.. It's Material sheet look VERY promissing.

loctite Naval Jelly 8oz $3.99 (HD) 16oz $5.48 (lowes)

I would think further dilution would be a good choice. the MSDS show it is at PH 1.5-2.5. Dilution would let you control the amount you add a little better and help prevent overdosing.

It is a phosphoric acid base product. contents are:

Phosphoric acid 10-30 % (main PH down and phosphorous source)
Phosphate ester 1-5% (result of breackdown of the acid, and is good for friuting plants as it is their prefered way to obsorb phosphates)
Isopropyl alcohol 1-5% (repells pests and evaporates on it's own, some times used in 70% form "rubbing alcohol" as a spray to kill gnats/aphids)
Polysaccharide 1-5% (a sugar that may or may not be used by plants at their whim, but is harmless and sometimes added to hydroponic additives)
Sulfuric acid 0.1-1% (almost pointless mentioning in that small of quantity, but it is still a decent PH down and is often used in hydroponics)
water 50% (probably the least desirable item on the list :P lol)

I have not tested this product myself, but I think I will do a test on a couple tomato plants later on to see how they like/don't like it. I just thought I would share my findings.

Any thoughts on this? I thought it would be good to share and let others have a look and see what they thought on it.

once again I have not used this product and can only go off the MSDS and articals regarding the ingredients and plant usage to make my assumptions. I plan to test it later to determine viability.

It is a "stable" product as well. i would assume that would mean a long shelf life. I will call loctite later to request their shelflife of the product to determine if "stocking up" would be viable to prevent price changes/unavailability of product if it turns out to be a positive additive.

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Old 09-26-2011, 06:08 PM
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Keep us posted please.

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