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EZ Clone LOW PRO 128 Site Cloning Machine BRAND NEW 2017 MODEL For Sale

EZ Clone LOW PRO 128 Site Cloning Machine BRAND NEW 2017 MODEL

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EZ Clone LOW PRO 128 Site Cloning Machine BRAND NEW 2017 MODEL :

MSRP- $459.95



$399 on our site

EZ-CLONE has once again re-invented itself and is proud to announce the introduction of its newest creation: the LOW PRO 128 CLONING SYSTEM. Every aspect of this Aeroponic Cloning System has been carefully thought out and designed with the utmost passion to produce the most effective and user friendly cloning system ever seen. The overall height has been reduced by four inches, while increasing the structural integrity of the new proprietary Lid and Reservoir. Now available in white, it is manufactured from durable UV protected HDPE plastic. The Lid has alpha-numeric symbols formed directly into the plastic, which allows for simple identification of multiple strains of cuttings, and comes with four way finger slots for improved Cloning Collar extraction. The Reservoir has an increased lip height, with an extended flange and drainage gutters, to ensure a leakproof design, and improved interface when opening the system to view cuttings. The Water Pump has an extended baseplate and additional suction cups to prevent any possible manifold tipping. It also includes four different Colored Cloning Collars, and a sample pack of the new EZ-COCO Cloning Collars.


In ourEZ CloneLow Pro Review, 128 Model, conducted this Spring 2016 in the Grozine Research Greenhouse we set out to see what if anything had changed over the original EZ Clone Classic model. For comparison, we had been using the EZ Clone Classic 128 Model with success (reviewed:HERE) in rooting plant cuttings with aeroponics. In our case, we were successful without the use of chemicals for our Organic and Aquaponic herb systems.

For more conventional purposes, we have had lots of success rooting cuttings for hydroponics and soilless growing too—getting big “root beards” fast when adding rooting stimulators and products designed to reduce microbial loads in the cloning solution over the course of the rooting process.

Safe to say, we were really happy with the Classic Model by EZ Clone. So when we saw “New and Improved” we were admittedly a little skeptical—it seemed there wasn’t much to improve on, and was this just another repackaging job with the same basic unit just to sell more?

First Impressions

While the new box looks super slick, as we have always been told,“it’s whats inside that counts”. And at the risk of sounding less than objective, we must admit, the EZ Clone Low Pro had us at first glance as we slid it out of the packaging. Seriously, WOW!

Lifting the lid and looking inside the system at the parts, we were pleased to see that the principle had remained the same:

the cloning system still uses a pressurized manifold to spray bare plant stems supported by a reusable collars for supercharged oxygen levels that stimulate faster and healthier root growth.

What’s Different with EZ Clone Low Pro

Heavier Gauge

The thickness of the system walls has been beefed up, making it a much sturdier unit, especially when filled with gallons of water or cloning solution. This was the only sore point we may have had with the Classic, as we found it to be a little on the thinner side, especially in the bottom corners. Not the case here with the EZ Clone Low Pro at all.


White Material

Less heating up of the aeroponic solution inside the unit under propagation lights, or especially important with us in the greenhouse under natural sun light levels means less stress on young plant shoots undergoing big changes through the rooting process. On top of that, it helps reflect light back to the leaves and is easy to see how clean it really is—hygeine is everything in propagation conditions.


Lower Operating Volume Required

Besides the fact that the lower profile means you can stack more EZ Clone units vertically in a given area, the new EZ Clone Low Pro model needs less water to fill. Because it needs less water, it also means that it can use a slightly lower wattage pump to give the correct exchange rate of nutrient solution when operating—so there is a slight power savings too.


Alpha Numeric Coding + Color System for Each Cloning System

Kind of like the grid on that Battleship game you may have played—a great addition! No more fooling around with masking tape and sharpies to keep track of multiple varieties or individual plants in the cloning system. Especially useful for plant breeders. Additionally, the EZ Clone Low Pro system was supplied with an assortment of colors in the actual cloning collars, adding more options to label and identify individual plants in the system reliably and hassle free.


Ok, so they really did improve a great thing—and we must give credit where credit is due: Great Job, EZ Clone, and thanks.



EZ Clone Low Pro 128 Model, EZ Clone’s newly designed cloning system (versus Classic Series models)


The EZ Clone Low Pro is the perfect system for starting plants by rooting cuttings—does not require any growing media to replace. EZ Cloners can also be used to start seed or grow small plants to maturity.


Uses aeroponic sprayers and a low wattage pump that are tidily contained, leak free, inside the EZ Cloner unit. The fine spray has much more surface area than conventional rooting media and is continuously infused with ambient oxygen, leading to saturated dissolved oxygen levels (DO). Oxygen is critical for healthy plants and stimulates a stronger and faster rooting and germination response for young plants.

COMES WITH:lid, base, pump,manifold, sprayers, color coding support collars, cloning gel, water treatment additive, instructions BONUS coconut fibre collars

GZ Rated:

A SOLID 5/5 for innovation and quality—the EZ Clone Classic Series still ranks high with us in the Value department too, however.

Buy Now


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