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Hydrofarm Homegarden Hydroponic Growing System Review

Hydrofarm’s Homegarden hydroponic growing system is great for beginners and enthusiast of hydroponics.  No gardening experience is needed,  the system takes up very little space and is very energy efficient.  The Homegarden system automatically feeds and waters your plants using an aeration hydroponic circulation system.  This hydroponic system includes a built in water view indicator and stake support holes to prop up the plants as they grow larger.  The design is also modular so that multiple hydroponic systems can be connected together as your hydroponic garden grows larger and more robust.

The base system includes a 2 gallon hydroponic nutrient reservoir, water indicator, nutrient pump and growing medium.   Homegarden will do best in a well-lighted location either outdoors or indoors under hydroponic grow lights.   It’s a good idea to put your garden on a bench, table, or a surface that will be high enough to allow the hydroponic system to be periodically drained when it’s time to replace the nutrient solution.  After one month, and each month thereafter, the reservoir should be drained and refilled with fresh nutrient solution.

Assembly of the homegarden hydroponic system takes only a few minutes, and you’ll be ready to plant your seedlings quickly.  When youʼre ready to plant your hydroponic seeds, soak each starter cube in a premixed nutrient solution for 24 hours to saturate and condition the seeds.

Most plants prefer a temperature between 60° and 90°, with 70° and 80° being closer to optimum. Using a hydroponic exhaust fan will keep temperatures down when itʼs too hot, strengthen the plants, and freshen the air if youʼre growing in an enclosed environment.

The more light given to your plants, the faster they will grow. If youʼre growing outdoors, give them southern exposure during the growing season in your area. If your growing season is short with colder temperatures, itʼs best to give your plants an early start indoors under hydroponic grow lights. If the walls of your growing area are white or are lined with a highly reflective material such as metallized film, it will help to get additional light to the plants, escalating their hydroponic growth rate.

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