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Choosing the Right Homemade Hydroponic System DIY

This hydroponics video tutorial from SureToGrowers goes over the different types of hydroponics systems available that you can build yourself at home. Matt goes over drip hydroponic systems, flood and drain hydroponic systems, deep water culture systems as well as aeroponic systems.


Hydroponics Grant Awarded to the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy

The 2009 Hooked on Hydroponics grant from the National Gardening Association was awarded to the The Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy, a single gender, small learning community for girls in grades 6-12.

The girls academy was selected from over 200 youth gardening programs throughout the United States to receive the 2009 Hooked on Hydroponics grant […]

Automated Hydroponics System DIY with Growtronix

One of our forum members recently posted some pictures of his automated computer controlled hydroponics growing system. Using a combination of computer and some software and hardware pieces from Growtronix, he is able to automate many functions of his growing systems, as well as monitor and data log many essential environmental conditions.

The Growtronix […]