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Plant Cloning Hydroponics Tutorial

Cloning is a type of plant propagation takes a growing portion of a plant – a stem with some leaves attached, and helping it to become a new plant that is genetically equal to the plant from which the clone was taken from. This fairly easy to perform because plants […]

General Hydroponics AeroFlo2 18 Review

The General Hydroponics AeroFlo2 18 pod growing system comes with a 17-gallon reservoir and 18 plant sites, the AeroFlo² 18 site is a good starter system for those who want a compact, high performance hydroponics system that is well-suited to growing lettuce, basil, and other small plants up to three feet in height.

The […]

AeroGarden Hydroponic Strawberries

In January 2007 AeroGrow International released the Strawberry Patch, an indoor hydroponic garden kit that allows growing of fresh hydroponic strawberries year-round. The strawberry kits were the most expensive hydroponic kit they offered at $29 plus mandatory overnight shipping due to the sensitively of the strawberry kits. The AeroGarden Strawberry kits were different from […]

Hydrofarm Homegarden Hydroponic Growing System Review

Hydrofarm’s Homegarden hydroponic growing system is great for beginners and enthusiast of hydroponics. No gardening experience is needed, the system takes up very little space and is very energy efficient. The Homegarden system automatically feeds and waters your plants using an aeration hydroponic circulation system. This hydroponic system includes a built in water view […]