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Biological Pest Control and Hydroponics

Many hydroponic gardeners and consumers are concerned with the quality, purity and safety of the food they eat. With soils becoming tainted and water sources polluted, it is a valid concern. In the farming industry, use of pesticides and herbicides has grown for years as farmers have attempted to control the pests and […]

Hydroponic Nutrient Mixes and Requirements

Many hydroponic formulas have been developed over the past 40 years with some designed for specific plants while others are designed for general hydroponic gardening systems. For plant growth, the concentration of individual elements must stay within certain ranges that have been determined through scientific experimentation.

The average concentration of these elements should fall […]

Hydroponic Tents and Grow Boxes

Some hydroponic gardeners have a preference to keep what they’re growing in a definitive enclosed environment. If you don’t have the money to buy a hydroponic tent, you can always use an empty cupboard but you will need to make it light proof, feed in a light supply and ensure circulation of […]